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Advanced Technology

We are committed to providing the best possible images.
You won’t find these advancements in MRI at any other facility in Delaware:

BLADE - Tim (Total imaging matrix) technology-powered MRI software that produces clear images in neurological and orthopedic procedures, even in cases of severe movement. By continuously acquiring low-resolution images, syngo Blade measures and corrects any motion to provide clear images.

REVEAL lets us pick up tumors and characterize lesions as cancerous or not. This is also a true advance. Most facilities do not have this. It helps to detect smaller cancers. It makes pancreatic cancers stand out like light bulbs.

NATIVE lets us see your arteries without any contrast injection. This is another advance because most other facilities use large injections of contrast to get your MR angiogram of your peripheral vessels.

SPACE lets us scan with super thin sections.

BEAT cardiac software also lets us do coronary angiography without contrast injection. It is so fast that it can take images of the heart even if the patient has an arrhythmia.

SWI (susceptibility weighted imaging). This is useful in the female pelvis for endometriosis detection and characterization and in the brain for all patients who have had head trauma and negative MRIs done elsewhere. SWI is a new technique (different from GRE) which lets us detect subtle blood in your brain from the old trauma.

We have BREAST MRI processing software which colorizes the image and shows the lesions with the most blood flow. Breast MRI done at 3T is 100% sensitive for breast cancer.

SAFE CONTRAST - We use only the safest contrast dyes, and because of our magnet strength and software we are able to administer only ˝ the dose used in other MRI. For more information on Safe Contrast:

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